Anonymous: Would you ever date a white person?


I’m going to be straight up with you. I wouldn’t date a white woman. Never. I don’t really see them as attractive.They shrivel up like prunes and evolved from cave dwellers. Granted you may have a few but they can never think of reaching the level of a melanated Afrikan queen.

I love Black women. For hundreds of years the Afrikan woman has been objectified and oppressed by global white supremacy. Black men and women need each other. Look on who white supremacy has destroyed the Black family and relationships. It is terrible.

Besides, I’m a spiritual person, I feel that I would be spitting in the faces of my ancestors if I would be with a white woman. This person benefited from the theft, murders, rape, enslavement, colonization of my ancestors and are still benefiting. Would you marry the child of your mother’s rapist?